Flow - temperature monitoring and control of multiple cooling circuits are now easier than ever with FlowTech.

  • Tight Flow control is managed by  proportional selenoid valves. 
  • Monitoring flow and temperature in&out of every circuit from 7”touchscreen display. 
  • Flowtech Software conveniently calculates cooling capacity per each cooling circuit.
  • Alarm Warning such as out of temperature&flow limits per circuit can be seen from the display as well as through potential free contact in any peripheral equipment or the imm itself.
  • Manifold can be connected to a network through ethernet connection. This will allow access from any remote connection.
  • Flow is measured by technologicaly advanced sensors operating according to paddle wheel principle integrated in the manifold system.
  • In&Out Water temperature is read by PT 100 sensors.
  • +-1C temperature tolerance.
  • Manifold is manufactured from non corrosive anodised alluminium.
  • System components are mounted inside galvanised steel frame epoxy powder painted.


Existing flow regulators can be updated with a digital flow meter to adjust the right flow and pressure for more convenient monitoring and control.

  • Manual adjustment of each circuit while flow can be digitally monitored for better control.
  • Multizone control up to maximum 8 circuits.
  • Water Pressure 4-10 bar depending on number of circuits.
  • Large diamater polycorbonate tubes to enable minimum pressure drop.

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